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1 of 3 AC Greyhound

You may recognize the make AC from one of the most iconic cars ever made, the AC Cobra. This car is the 2+2 version of the AC Cobra’s predecessor, the AC Ace. Utilizing advanced technologies at the time, such as an aluminum body, disc brakes, and 4 wheel independent suspension these cars were quite a […]

1930 Cadillac V-16 Ambulance Project

This here is a Cadillac you aren’t gonna find every day. This Cadillac was built in 1930, and uses a huge 452 Cubic Inch Overhead Valve V-16. This particular one was used as an ambulance in the Navy for over 25 years.

1997 Land Rover Defender with only 13,000 original miles

Here is the perfect car for any die hard Land Rover fan. This is probably your only chance to own such a low mileage, immaculate Defender. It only has 13,000 miles on it’s 4 liter, 4 speed automatic drivetrain.

1959 Salt Flat Turbo Volksrod-SOLD

I’ll give a little back-info on this car, because most don’t know what these are. At first glance you see combination of Volkswagen beetle, and old school hot rod. Thats exactly what a “volksrod” is. They typically have no fenders, a front axle extended 8-10″, and the roof chopped. This particular volksrod is one of […]

Gorgeous Vintage Racer Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

Here’s something you don’t see every day. This beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV has been set up for vintage racing, including race tires, a fuel cell, battery relocation, and fuel and battery shutoff switches, which are mandatory in many races. To find such a pristine example of one of these is not easy, this one is […]

1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck

For the first feature, I decided to post something extremely unique, and in one of my favorite types of cars. Aircooled Volkswagens. This particular bus is unique because its been converted to be used as a food truck. The seller claims that it was last restored in 2010, and from the pictures it looks like […]