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1 of 3 AC Greyhound


You may recognize the make AC from one of the most iconic cars ever made, the AC Cobra. This car is the 2+2 version of the AC Cobra’s predecessor, the AC Ace. Utilizing advanced technologies at the time, such as an aluminum body, disc brakes, and 4 wheel independent suspension these cars were quite a force to be reckoned with.

Only 83 Greyhounds were produced from 1959-1963, this particular model coming from the final year of production. This car is left hand drive, 1 of the only 3 produced in this configuration.

This car no longer has it’s stock power plant, rather it has a 215 cubic inch aluminum Rover V8. That’s connected to the Ford rear end via a 5 speed manual transmission. This of course takes away some collectibility, but adds a ton of practicality and reliability. The Vintage Air air conditioning system will make this car drivable during hot summer days. This car also has a Wilwood master cylinder and front calipers, so that you can stop after using the extra power from that Rover V8.

The interior is almost completely stock, and looks immaculate. The seats show minimal wear, and all the carpets look like new. The wood and leather on the dash both still look beautiful, and who can’t love that logo on the steering wheel?

This is a rare opportunity to get an even rarer car, and the modifications done to it will make it so you can actually drive it.

The car is on eBay, for a price of $89,900. Find it here.

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