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1959 Salt Flat Turbo Volksrod-SOLD


I’ll give a little back-info on this car, because most don’t know what these are. At first glance you see combination of Volkswagen beetle, and old school hot rod. Thats exactly what a “volksrod” is. They typically have no fenders, a front axle extended 8-10″, and the roof chopped. This particular volksrod is one of the best built, ever. It has been featured on the cover of Ultra VW, as well as being in the Volksrods calendar.

This car has a beautiful color combination, a silver with blue tint for the body color, and a bright red for the interior and accents. It also has a Ford I-beam dropped front axle to make it really have the hot rod look. It also has some old school Chevy Artillery wheels, and 1939 Chevy taillights.

The body work on this car is extremely impressive. While it may not look like they did much more than remove the fenders and chop the roof they did much more. The roof has a 3″ chop, which doesn’t look over the top but definitely makes it look more streamlined. In addition to the chop they also had to remove all the fender mounting points, and smooth out the overall look of the inner fender wells. The builder also lengthened the doors and quarter panels in order to make the car retain good proportions.

The interior of the car continues the salt flat theme as well. It has bomber seats up front, but with padding on the bottom part so that you can still sit without completely killing your butt. The dash is shaved with a custom set of VDO gauges and aluminum panel in the center.

Lastly the engine in this car looks killer. It’s an 1835cc, up from a stock 1200cc engine. Resting on top of it is a Garret T3 turbo whcih most likely makes this big plenty quick. With the lost bodywork, this car probably weighs less than stock, so even a Naturally Aspirated 1835cc power plant would make this car get up and go. Most wouldn’t want more power in this car then is already in it.

You can contact the owner to purchase at the low price of $18,500 here.

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