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1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck


For the first feature, I decided to post something extremely unique, and in one of my favorite types of cars. Aircooled Volkswagens. This particular bus is unique because its been converted to be used as a food truck. The seller claims that it was last restored in 2010, and from the pictures it looks like that is true. This Bus is a bay-window, the less desirable of the two body styles of the “Hippie Bus”. However, It is the first year for this body style, so it’s the highest valued car from this body style. I think that the bay-window busses still have room to move up in value, and will increase until they hit a ceiling.

This bus has been fitted with a full commercial kitchen, and has been used as an actual food truck, and passed health inspections in the past, so it shouldn’t be a problem if you wanted this to start a business.

Since it has a freshly rebuilt engine, the seller claims it is capable of over 60 mph on the highway, which you might not even want to do if you’ve ever been in one of these on a highway.

Overall this bus looks like it has a very reasonable price, and doesn’t seem to have any glaring damage or defects that the seller isn’t pointing out.

You can find this Bus for sale here

1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck1968 Volkswagen Bus Food Truck


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