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Gorgeous Vintage Racer Alfa Romeo GTV 2000


Here’s something you don’t see every day. This beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV has been set up for vintage racing, including race tires, a fuel cell, battery relocation, and fuel and battery shutoff switches, which are mandatory in many races. To find such a pristine example of one of these is not easy, this one is obviously not original, butit looks like the bodywork is perfect, as well as the paint.

If you want a unique car to go road racing in, or even just to drive on the weekends and take to the occasional track day or autocross, this could be the perfect car. It has a low horsepower number, but plenty to have fun with, especially in such a small car.

The 4 point roll cage and 5 point roll cage, as well as the fuel cell will keep you safe if something catastrophic does happen.

The car doesn’t look like it needs much work, and even the biggest shadetree mechanic could finish this project. It needs the blinkers hooked back up, a horn installed, and some windshield wipers. Everything else that is wrong with it is perfectly livable.

This could be a cheap way to get into a vintage Italian car, especially since most of them aren’t left, or are too expensive for moat people budget. This one also looks like it will actually be quite reliable as well.

The GTVĀ is located in San Diego, CA, and the current bid is $24,300. You could also end the auction and buy it for $29,500. Only 2 days left on the listing as of this writing! Find it here on eBay.

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